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Camping Arcobaleno is situated in the Porto Pozzo di Santa Teresa Gallura (SS) region and along the Gallurese coast, Camping Arcobaleno extends over a flat, well shaded area along the seashore and facing the Arcipelago della Maddalena.
The favorable position of the campsite, situated on the road connecting Palau to Santa Teresa Gallura, two tourist centers, makes it an excellent starting point to explore one of the most beautiful parts of Sardinia: the Gallurese coast with its many beaches and rocky cliffs, or to reach the Maddalena Archipelago and the Bocche di Bonifacio, a natural paradise for sea lovers.

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Boat excursions to the Maddalena Archipelago and to the islands of Corsica


Campground Arcobaleno offers its guests: full shower block with bathroom and wash facilities;

    Direct access to town guarantee access to the following services:
  • market
  • newsagents and tabacs
  • chemist's shop
  • assistance to nautical activities
  • organization of excursions to the islands
  • garaging for caravans
  • mooring and garaging for boats of small and medium size


At the Centro Velico Interforze diving centre, under the supervision of expert instructors, you can follow specialised diving courses under the ESA-CMAS-TSA standards, hire all the necessary scuba gear and take part in under water excursions in the Maddalena archipelago and Lavezzi island. AIR-NITROX-TRIMIX tank refills.

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Suppl. Camper 3,00 € 3,00 € 3,00 € 3,00 € 3,00 €
Daily rates for adults and children are inclusive of all that concerns their staying in camp-site (either in their own caravan or tent, motorcaravan or camper; by car, motorcycle or bycicle).
Connection to light not included.
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